– What do you sell in your website ?

We sell spray cans, nozzles, acrylic marker, acrylic refills, art books, sketchbooks, sketch liners, t-shirts, pants and jeans from 5 different brands.

– I bought a spray can and it’s not working. What should I do ?

Shake the spray can very well,  remove the cap and allow the black safety ring to fall, then put the cap back. You are ready!

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/zT4EDcVHI8w?t=14

– The spray can does not cover well on surfaces, what should I do ?

Shake the spray can very well before using, incase it’s a yellow color usually yellow liquid has a weaker pigment than other colors, you may put more than one layer.

– I want to buy a big amount of cans, do I get a discount ?

We do give discount for big quantities (above 100 cans) = 10%

– I’m a beginner graffiti artist, how should I start ?

We do have books that supports you to develop and improve your skills in graffiti.

– I’m not a graffiti artist, and I like your products. How can I use them ?

We do have more than colors, such as effect and technical sprays that allow you to make creative artworks or a unique pieces of art.

– What should I do before I spray paint on the wall ?

Make sure that you are wearing the safety mask and gloves.

– Do you deliver out of Saudi (internationally) ?

Yes we do.

– What brands do you have ?

We do have Montana-cans, Alpha marker, Carhartt, Stüssy and Dhad brand.

– How can I make sure that your t-shirts fits me ?

We have some slim and loose fits, we also can give the dimensions of the t-shirts upon your request.

– I have a pop up store! Can I do it at your store ?

Yes you can, please contact our customer service for more informations +966 566 888 490.

– Do you deliver in Jeddah ?

No, but we can arrange the order you want and send one of the delivery applications from your side to pick it up.

– What time does your store opens ?

We open everyday except Fridays from 5:00 P.M. till 11:00 P.M.

– Do you have any other branches other than in Jeddah ?

So far we have only one branch.

– Where are your store located ?

We are located in Al-naeem dist., Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia. You may also find us on google map by searching “ Dhad Store”.

– How can I be a part of Dhad ?

We have Dhad Gang where we gather and get to know more people to have them in our community.

– Do you paint on walls or you are just a retail store ? If yes how much do you charge ?

We do have an art service and our prices depends on how big is the project and who’s the artist. Please contact our customer service for more information +966 566 888 590

– Do you do workshops ?

Yes we do, we will always announce for any further workshop on our website and instagram page: @Dhadstore.

– I have a store and I want to sell your products in it, is that possible ?

Yes, Please contact our customer service +966 566 888 490.

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